Malnutrition is a condition that results from eating a diet lacking in nutrients. Malnutrition in children is especially harmful. The damage to physical and cognitive development during the first two years of a child’s life is largely irreversible. Malnutrition also leads to poor school performance, which can result in future income reduction. Adults who were […]

Patient Welfare

Patient Welfare services for crisis affected patients and their families while medical facilities are provided to the patients that are economically underprivileged need and assistant. Services under patient welfare: Financial assistance in medication, pre and post – surgery, counselling and rehabilitation for single, deserted mothers and women in crisis, Family preservation programme to keep children […]


Mandakini Dravid Development Centre (MDDC) is in house centre focuses on the overall growth and development of specially abled orphan family deprived and destitute children. MDDC also caters to the needs of the specially abled children from the society. Activities conducted in the centre includes Occupational therapy, Music therapy, activities for social and emotional development, […]


SOFOSH established “Tara” a home for family deprived and destitute specially abled children of ages ranging from 6 years to 25 years in 2008 at SOFOSH Dhadphale Centre, Pimple Gurav Pune. All efforts are made to provide shelter, best care, medical care, education and overall growth and development of children. We have employed trained care […]


In 1973, SOFOSH established Shreevatsa, a child care that provides shelter, care, educational and medical aid to family-deprived and destitute children including specially baled children between the age new born to 6 years. All efforts are made to take good of them, for their overall growth and development. The children at Shreevatsa are looked after […]

Healing Hearts,
Instilling Beliefs!



Shreevasta Child Care Centre, Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune – 411 001, Maharashtra, India


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