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  • All SOFOSH programmes are funded entirely by voluntary donations. Our esteemed donors come from all walks of life, Individuals, Corporates, Trusts, Organizations, etc.
  • Without the generosity of the people at large SOFOSH would not have been where it is now. Corporates donate as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Trusts and Organizations fund projects.
  • Individuals generally either sponsor an activity some times in remembrance of someone close to their heart or an anniversary or donate to various programmes or to the corpus fund.
  • We do not accept donations from Adoptive Parents. In case of any questions, please contact

Healing Hearts,
Instilling Beliefs!



Shreevasta Child Care Centre, Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune – 411 001, Maharashtra, India


With dedicated care givers and enthusiastic volunteers, we are ready to support at all times.

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